Report of Satish Chandra Committee on Civil Services Examination at The UPSC Blog. This is full text of the report of Satish Chandra Committee 1. This may not be fully legible due to an error in the old copy of the report but should still be useful for anyone wanting to study the changes it suggested in UPSC CSE examination. If you badly need the report, do mail us and we may be able to help. PWE8  CONTENTS  i vii  Preface   viii xiv  CHISPTER 1  Introduction and brief history of the Competitive Examinations for recr India and Central Services. Higher Civil  Services in  Indi. R. N. I. No. MAHENG200929760 Published and Posted on 1st of every month at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office, Mumbai 400 001. License to post without prepayment. Fidget Spinner is a toy. Small child is used for entertainment purpose. This is full text of the report of Satish Chandra Committee 1989, 692 pages in original. This may not be fully legible due to an error in the old copy of the. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. VTU-Data-Mining-Notes-2.jpg' alt='Data Mining Techniques Arun K Pujari 1St Edition' title='Data Mining Techniques Arun K Pujari 1St Edition' />Scheme of Separate Ccmpetitive Examination in the pre bothari Sysrem ot CAS stc. Ezamination.   4 5. Cvrrent scheme of the Civil Services examination introduced from 1. Commi ttee.   8 1. Recrluitment Ssrvicae in  to the higher Civil some advanced countries. CHAPTER 2  Method of  Selection. General  Issues.   1. CHAPTER 3  Bac. Lgrcund  of  sctccessful  cand. J. dates.   3. 3 3. Economic. Educational and iiuralUrf Women candidates. First  class degree holders. T5 5. Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. CHAPTER 4  Common E aminaticn ,amination. Separate  3. Katicnale of  a  Common  Examination. Indian  Rdministrative Service. CHCIPTER 5 5. 0. Indian Foreign Service. Indian Police Service. Indian Audit and Accounts Service and other Accounts Services. Revenue and Taxation Services. Delinking of some Group A and Group E Services. Structure of the Civil Services examination. Basic Structure of the Common Examination. Should professionals such as doctors and engineers be allowed to compete for the Civil Services examination. Weightage of General Studies and Optiona. Subjec t 6. Essay paper in the Main Examination. Optional Subjects. Negative Marking in Objective Type Tests. Introducticn of Lectures, Group Dixussions,Psychological and Aptitude Tests in the recruitment procedure. Interview Test. Age Limit. Number of attempts to be permitted to eligible candidates. Allotment of Candidates to Services after the Foundation Course. CHAPTER 6 6. 0. Tab. Tabl. Q 2 lab. Table. Table 6 General Recommendation. Civil Services examination. Geographical Distribution of Candidates. Centres of Examination. Dissemination of Information regarding the Civil Services examination. Sy 1. 1abus of the Civi. Services examination. STATISTICAL TCIBLES Monthly income in Rs of fatherguardian of selectees of Civil Services examination 1. IAS etc. examinationCivil Services examination Success ratio of women candidates. First class degree holders amongst. Numbers of Candidates belonging to the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes. Civil Services examination during the period 1. Number of candidates of the scheduled castes and the schedl led tribe s. Electea under general standards in the Civil Services examination during the period 1. Comntonality between the merit list of IASIFS t Central Services and IASIFS IPS in the IAS etc. Tab. 10 7     Preference of successful general candidates for services based on the index of initial preference. Table 8     Candidates recommended for Group E Services. Tab. 11 9     Recruitment by IAS etcCivil Services examination 1. Table 1. 0     Number of doctors and engineers selected in the IN3 etcCivil. Services examination during 1. Tab. 1e 1. 1     Coefficient of come. Of recommended and non recommended candidates i. Civil Services examination 1. Tab. 1r 1. 2     Performance of selectees in the interview tests of Civil Services examinations 1. Category wise and sexwise age distribution recommendey and not recommended 1. Interview Test hut hot select ed candidates of Civi. The Apprentice Game Full Version on this page. Services examination 1. Table l. 4A Flge wise distribution of place of to. F birthresidence of selected and not selected i. Civil Services examination 1. Table 1. 3     Number of Candidates with age more than 2. IPS during the Civil Service examination 1. Table 1. 6     Service wise and category wise number of selected candidates with age more than 2. Civil Service examination 1. Timbuktu Pro Windows. V Tablm 1. 7 Tab. Tabls 2. 01 to. Tab. Tb 1e 2. Service wise and category wise 1. Civil Services examination. Service wise and Category wise 1. E monthly income of fatherguardian of selectees with age more than 2. Civil Services examination, 1. Merit rank wise number of attempts 1. Civil Services examination. Age sex w i se dist r 1but ion of 1. Interview Test but not finally selected of Civi. Services examination, 1. Number of Candidates selected in 2. Civil Sorvices Examinatim 1. Distribution of top 2. Civil Services examinations. Centre wise number of Candidates 2. Civil Serv. ces Preliminary and Civil Services main examinations. Top ten Universities according to 2. C number qualified in the IAS etc. Civil Services examination 1. Tab. 10 2. 3  Number of candidates appeared, qualified and their success ratio at the Civil Services examinations, 1. Performance of Civil Sewices selectees, who got selected in first attempt, in general studies and optional papers of Civil Services Main examinations, 1. Table 2. 7A to. B1  Zone wise number of candidates appeared, qualified and Success ratio for Civil Services examination, 1. Tab 1. 0 2. 9  Number of 1. IIM and FIIIMS graduates in the merit list ot Civil Services examinations, 1. In different brackets of merit rank, number of MBPS. F. E. or B. Arch. Candidates selected in the Civil  2. Services 1. 98. 6. Table 3. 9  Performance of enqineers and ,ibctors genera 1 selectees in general studies and optional subjects of Cwil Services Main examinations, 1 Table JlAto. D  Place Of birthresidence of selectees and non selectees i. Civil Services examination, 1. Tab. 1e JZ  School background of Civil selectees for the period 1. Serr. Zices 1. 98. R  Performance of selectees and non selectees i. Led for interview test but not finally selected in general studies and optional subjects during the Civil Services Examinations. Tab. 1e 5. 4  Percentage of marks obtained topper and bottom rank holder scheduled tribe candiates. APPENDICES  2. 95 6. CIpprndix  I  Notice dated 1. Septembe. F, 1. Committee. I1  Questionnaire drafted and issued by 2. Committee ta high dignitries, Senior level State Government officers, Cadre Control ling Authorities, Academician et. I1. 1  Changes in the scheme of IAS etc. Civil Service examination from 1. IV.   Services for which recruitment made through the existing scheme the Civil Services examination. V.   Extracts from the booklet on Civii Services Selection Board CSSB,published by the Civil Service Commission of U. K.   3. 93 6. 05  VL. F ecruitment France. Civil  Services  in  6. VII.   Names of high digniteries, senior State Government officers. Academicians etc. VIII.   Summary of recommendations. Z 6. 73  l PREFCICE We were appointed by the Union Public Service Commission on the 1. Septpmber,l. 98. 8, to review and evaluate the system of selection to the higher Civil Services introduced from 1. Committee on Recruitment Policy and Selection Methods under the chairmanship of Dr. D. S. Kothari appointed by the UFSC in February. Services. We were also specifically requested to examine the need for L 1 inclusion of some additional subjects, oarticlar. Civil Services E Jc tests,etc.