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If I purchase a subscription to XTM Cloud how quickly can I start to use it Once you have paid via the internet using your credit or debit card your XTM Cloud account will be automatically created. You will then receive an email with your log on details, so within a few minutes you can be translating your first job XTM Cloud is the Software as a Service version of XTM, our web based TMS translation management system CAT computer assisted technology tool. The software runs on our servers and you access it via a web browser. Subscription. How can I pay for my XTM Cloud subscription You can pay for your XTM Cloud subscription on line using a credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, Solo and Visa Electron. We also have an online facility for paying via Paypal. Payments may be made in GB Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. If you would prefer to send us the payment directly then please contact us on salesxtm intl. Can I carry my unused words on to the next month Any unused words from your standard allowance or additionally purchased words can be carried forward from one month to the next. In the next month your standard allowance and purchased words will be used first and then any words brought forward from the previous month. Words can only be carried forward for one month. How can I upgrade my subscription to XTM Cloud Your XTM Cloud administrator can upgrade the subscription by logging on and going to the Configuration tab and then the Renew subscription tab. Any unused months of your existing subscription will be refunded to you. If I have used my standard word allowance can I purchase more words Yes your XTM Cloud administrator can purchase additional words by logging on and going to the Configuration tab and then the Renew s ubscripti on tab. How can I continue my subscription to XTM Cloud after the initial periodAt the end of your first three months you can either take out another subscription for a fixed period or continue to pay for XTM Cloud on a monthly basis. Can I cancel my subscription to XTM Cloud You can cancel your subscription to XTM Cloud after the initial three months. What is the minimum period for a subscription to XTM Cloud The minimum period for an XTM Cloud subscription is 1 month. However if you take out a subscription for 1. What are the differences between named users and concurrent users For a named user system the administrator can only create the defined number of named users in XTM Cloud. With a concurrent user system the administrator can set up any number of users in XTM Cloud, but only the defined number of users can connect at any one time. What is included in the price Access to XTM Cloud for the specified number of users for the agreed period. The ability to create translation projects up to the specified maximum number of words. Support We provide first class telephone and email support Monday to Friday from 8am to 1. CET time. Upgrades All software upgrades are loaded by our support staff as they become available. This means that you and all your team will always be using the latest version of the software. Server maintenance You do not need to worry about server maintenance as we take care of that. How much does a subscription to XTM Cloud cost An XTM Cloud subscription starts at 8 per month or 8. What are the differences between the different XTM Cloud account types A freelance account is for a single named user and comes with a set number of words that can be processed each month. A group licence is for 2, 3 or 4 named users who wish to work together on translation projects. You can choose how many words you want to translate each month. An enterprise account is for a specific number of concurrent users. You can create any number of users, but only the specific number can connect at one time. The Enterprise account allows you to translate an unlimited number of words each month. Training and Support. How do I contact SupportPlease send an email to supportxtm intl. There is also a menu item in XTM Cloud that enables you to report a problem with a specific project. Using this feature sends all the relevant information about the project to the support team to enable them to resolve your issue quickly. Where can I view the manual for XTM Cloud The email we send you after signing up for XTM cloud will contain a link to the XTM manual and also a Getting started guide. What training is available for XTM Cloud XTM is very simple to learn. Take a look at the free online XTM training videos, which are available here. Then download the manual, and in most cases this will give you enough information to use XTM effectively. In addition every month we have free online training sessions which you are welcome to attend. If you would prefer one on one training where you can ask specific questions, this can be arranged at a cost of 5. One hour with your XTM trainer should be more than enough to make you confident in using XTM Cloud. Security. Does XTM Cloud store my credit card details No. The payment is securely processed by Sage. Pay. XTM Cloud only receives confirmation of payment, without any of the card details. How robust are the XTM Cloud services XTM Cloud is hosted on servers located in a state of the art facility at one of the largest international Internet hosting company in Europe. Through them we can guarantee a network availability of 9. Iso 9001 Management Review Meeting Presentation Format on this page. The centre has the following features Internet Connection. Robust connectivity due to multiple redundant upstreams Power Supply. AC 2. 30. V, 1. 6AUninterrupted power supply UPSBattery mode approx. Diesel power generator. Climate Control. Under floor air conditioning with monitoring of ambient air and serverdistribution cabinets temperatures. Fire Protection. Modern fire early warning system with direct connection to the local fire station. Security. Special door locking system. Data Backup. All XTM data is backed up daily to a separate server and stored for 7 days. Is my confidential data secure in XTM Cloud XTM Cloud guarantees full protection for your data. The system uses the secure https protocol, just like secure credit cards payments so that all your translation data is securely encoded during the translation process. The XTM Cloud Services are securely hosted in a professional state of the art facility ensuring full protection for your data. Since all of the data in XTM is securely partitioned no other XTM Cloud customer has access to your data. Your unique login credentials guarantee that only you or your nominated users can access the data. In addition XTM Cloud ties an individual user to a PC which further prevents any attempts at unauthorized access. Users can only access XTM Cloud through an authorized PC. Technical. What browsers are supported by XTM XTM can be accessed on the following platforms and browsers Windows Internet Explorer 1. Microsoft Edge 2. Firefox 4Chrome 2. Mac OS Safari 6Firefox 4Chrome 2. Linux Mobile Safari 6for i. Pad. Firefox for Android 2. What are the technical requirements to access XTM Cloud on my PC The minimum technical requirements to access XTM Cloud from a PC are Screen resolution width greater than 1. Processor Core 2 Duo processor. RAM 2. Gb. Bandwidth 1. Mbs, cable connection. What translation open standards do you support XTM Cloud supports the following open standards. How To Write A Rpgle Program.