Sub Nukem Forever. Final volume torrent includes Episodes 1. Audio commentaries for volume episodes FLAC Bakemonogatari official trailer 1. Creditless opening of 1. Creditless ending of 1. Scans, scans, scans. Yay, I can finally watch this show now. Scooter Suavemente on this page. UPD by roa kun volumes 4 6 are now avaliable via XDCC Check out IItsuntsun on our channel. Well, apparently arutha went off business, which is a pity. So there is no more XDCCUPD2 I dont know, how long its going to last, but here are DDL links for episodes megaupload and literally, no more megaupload. Bakemonogatari.jpg' alt='Bakemonogatari Episode 14 Torrent' title='Bakemonogatari Episode 14 Torrent' />Its rather sad, Im starting to feel like last man on the deck of a sinking ship. But torrents are still there, you know, the only problem being low amount of seeders. There wasnt any activity here for a long time, so, if anyone needs BD episodes of BMG, starting from 9, or bonus stuff, just contact me, lets call it upload on demand. Bakemonogatari Episode 1 English Dubbed' title='Bakemonogatari Episode 1 English Dubbed' />Bakemonogatari MangaWatch Nekomonogatari Black Episode 1 now. It seems that you have not allowed your browser to use Flash on the Crunchyroll. Hack College Website Change Grades Hack. Read the topic about Bakemonogatari Episode 15 Discussion. Not as good as episode 14. I found a torrent for a subbed episode however Im unsure of the quality.