USA Location information USA. Auxiliary and RCA Inputs Auxiliary Inputs allow you to put your music from an iPod, iPhone MP3 player, computer, Ham radio TV tuner, tape recorder or any other audio. Introduction Your Champion URC2025 universal remote control is simple to program, easy to use, and can operate up to five 4 electronic devices which. Atlona 4. K UHD HDMI Multi Channel Digital to Two Channel Balanced Analog Audio Converter. Key Features Universal de embedder for Dolby and DTS signals Downmixes multi channel audio to 1 or 2 channel audio Balanced audio output Volume and EQ adjustment EDID management HDMI Receiver, 4. KUHD support. HDMI Multi Channel to Two Channel Balanced Audio Converter. The Atlona AT UHD M2. C BAL is an audio converter used to extract and downmix multi channel LPCM, Dolby, and DTS surround sound signals from HDMI sources to balanced analog signals for professional audio systems. The converter provides controls for one or two channel mode, volume, mute, bass, and treble via RS 2. Resume Templates Microsoft Word here. I/41XMW9ekWTL.jpg' alt='How To Reset Rca Converter Box Without Remote' title='How To Reset Rca Converter Box Without Remote' />TCPIP, and a web based GUI. A balanced analog audio output is provided on a 5 pin captive screw connector. The video pass through design of the AT UHD M2. C BAL allows it to be placed anywhere in the signal path where a convenient audio feed to the sound system is required. Configured and Managed by AMSThe AT UHD M2. C BAL also supports the Atlona Management System AMS, a powerful network software platform that integrates product configuration, management and updating. Specially designed for IP controllable Atlona Products, the Atlona Management System reduces installation time and enables remote monitoring and support. To learn more please visit AT SW AMS. Universal Audio De embedder for 4. KUHD Signals. This product is the commercial version of the AT HD M2. C. In commercial applications where audio is provided by an HDMI source, integrators need an easy solution to extract balanced, 4 d. Bu, two channel or monaural audio for professional sound reinforcement systems while maintaining full 4. KUHD video signal integrity for video switching and distribution systems. Integrated control reduces total cost in simple systems potentially eliminating a DSP or other volume control device. The AT UHD M2. C BAL is ideal for use in training or meeting spaces that require audio from PCs or Blu ray players to be routed to a distributed speaker system. The converter is placed in line between the source and the HDBase. T transmitter or switcher in order to provide a feed to both the sound and video systems. Features. Universal de embedder for Dolby and DTS signals. Supports PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True. HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS Digital Surround, DTS HD Master Audio, and DTS XHDMI audio de embedding with or without a video display or other sink connection. Allows any multi channel audio stream to be used within a professional audio system. Downmixes multi channel audio to 1 or 2 channel audio. Extracts, decodes, downmixes and converts digital multi channel streams to analog two channel or summed mono signals. Provides easy integration of HDMI audio sources into professional audio systems. Balanced audio output. Professional, 4d. Bu audio is provided on a 5 pin captive screw connector. Allows for fast integration with professional sound systems. Volume and EQ adjustment. On board adjustment of output volume, bass and treble settings via RS 2. GUIAudio adjustment without external DSP4. KUHD support. Supports all HDMI resolutions up to 4. K3. 0 Hz. Ensures all high resolution signals are passed to video system. HDMI Receiver. Functions as an HDMI sink so no additional devices are required for operation. Eliminates the cost of HDMI sink such as a display or UHD SYNCEDID management. Manages EDID communications between source and switcher allows integrators to force sources to preferred resolution. Ensures desired audio formats and video resolutions are provided to the AV system eliminates the need for EDID management device. HDCP Management. HDCP compliance can be switched onoff from control systems for use with non compliant displays, streaming devices and codecs. Allows non protected material from PCs to pass to non compliant displays and teleconference systems while protected content is not transmitted. Control capabilities. RS 2. 32, TCPIP and web based GUI provide external control of volume, mute, bass, and treble. Easy interfacing with control systems for simplified audio system adjustments. Default switch. Allows volume, mute, EQ, and 2 1 ch. Adjust or reset to factory settings DefaultProvides quick troubleshooting adjustment when control systems are not available Included accessories. User guide, desktop power supply, detachable power cable. Award winning 1. Ensures long term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems. Specify, purchase, and install with confidence.