Vlc Windows Xp Sp3' title='Vlc Windows Xp Sp3' />Vlc Windows Xp Sp3Download Windows Media Player 1. Windows 7 Replace WMP 1. Windows 7 has got lots of new goodies like, several visual enhancements, new taskbar aka superbar, Taskbar Thumbnail Preview, Windows Media player 1. Direct. X 1. 1 etc. Its a new year, why not give your years old XP operating system a new look If youre bored of having to look at the same kind of icons and eyecandy every. Windows Movie Maker 2 is so easy a child could use itan incredibly patient child born to filmmaker parents who didnt mind restarting this application every few. I am sure everyone will not like all these new features for e. If you are one such user, unconformable with WMP 1. Windows 7 WMP 1. 2 to Window Media player 1. Thanks to Lord Devrexster of Winmatrix forum who has made Windows Media Player 1. Windows 7. How to Downgrade Windows Media Player 1. Windows Media Player 1. Windows 7. 1. Download Windows Media Player 1. Typing Tutor 6 For Windows 7 32Bit. Installer for Windows 7 2. Now Type services. Stop Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. Take Ownership of following files. All files in Program FilesWindows Media Player folder. All files starting with wmp in System. Sytem. 32en us folder. Now Run Windows Media Player 1. Installer. 6. Now type Regedit on Start Menu Search bar. Delete following Registry key. Panasonic M8000 Manual. HKEYLOCALMACHINESoftwareMicrosoftMedia. PlayerSetupInstalled VersionsDont forget to take Backup of Registry before modifyingeditingdeleting any registry key8. Reboot your Windows 7. Screenshot of Windows Media Player 1. Widows 7 Media Player GadgetPlease Note We will not be responsible if you damage your Windows 7 with above information. Do it at your own risk. We have not created or nor host any files for download here. Downloads for Quick. Time Alternative 3.