Can I safely disable Win. Http. Auto. Proxy. Svc if I dont have a proxy This service starts and stops as needed so there shouldnt be any reason in particular to disable it. That said, if you dont have a proxy, theres no need for it. How To Playtube For Iphone. Qt Games Source Code more. There are no dependencies on this service by other services. Fig_F_5-25.png' alt='Proxycfg Exe Windows 7' title='Proxycfg Exe Windows 7' />Proxycfg Exe Windows 7Segn foros de MSE Microsoft, el mecanismo de actualizacin del antivirus es el mismo que el utilizado por el Windows Update, de forma que si se puede llevar a cabo. Bigg Robb Music. Try this link. http To reset the Windows Update components, follow these steps Open a Windows Command Prompt Windows.