Human Resources Management Midlands State University. INTRODUCTION1. 1 These regulations shall be read in conjunction with the Faculty Regulations and the General Regulations. As a result of globalization and environment challenges such as the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme ESAP and its successor the Zimbabwe Programme for Economic and Social Transformation ZIMPREST, interest in the study of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management has been growing tremendously and it continues to grow. It can be asserted almost uncontroversially that the growing interest in the subject in Zimbabwe has culminated in the introduction of a degree in Human Resource Management at Midlands State University. Like elsewhere the world over, one of the key problems facing organizations in Zimbabwe is the sourcing and utilization of labour resources to provide the productive effort needed to achieve organizational goals. In reality an organization only exists through its people and cannot achieve success without their effort, commitment and loyalty. This can never be fully guaranteed since we are dealing with the most unpredictable resource, the human resource. We provide excellent essay writing service 247. Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers. Digitalfire Ceramic Colleges, Schools and Universities Database. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, USA. About the department and its activity, academics, research projects, photo gallery and alumni. Pictured L to R Dr Aoife Gallagher, RCSI Head of Innovation, Prof. Steve Jackson of University of Cambridge, who delivered the John J Ryan Distinguished Lecture at. The overall task of human resource management therefore, is to develop strategies, policies and procedures, which will facilitate employee effort, commitment and loyalty. In short human resource management is about managing the employment relationship. If the organization is to achieve its goals the employment relationship needs to be stabilized and made reasonably predictable. Human Resource Management can be seen in general terms as addressing crucial questions in three areas as follows 1. Employee Relations How we can manage relationships, both individual and collective, with and between members of the workforce so as to maintain peace, motivation and commitment. Employee Resourcing. How we can ensure that the organization obtains the correct number and quality of people, their work is organized efficiently, that they are well rewarded and have conditions of work encouraging efficiency. Employee Development How we can develop our people to ensure that they fulfill the organizations short and long term skill requirements. CAREER PROSPECTS2. The aim is to develop and equip the student with skills as a social scientist. Ultimately it is hoped that students will be provided with an opportunity for personal and career development so that they become graduates who are flexible and adaptable. Job opportunities for Human Resource Management graduates exist in the following disciplines Management, the Labour Movement, the Civil Service, Research, consultancy, the Law, Academia and many others. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS3. Normal Entry For normal entry into BSc Human Resource Management Honours Degree programme, candidates should have at least two passes at A Level in the following subjects Accounting, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Management of Business and Any A level area of study involving the study of Literature. Special Entry 3. 2. Candidates who have successfully completed the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe IPMZ National Diploma or have obtained equivalent qualifications may apply for entry into BSc Human Resource Management Honours degree programme. Candidates admitted under 3. No candidates admitted under regulation 3. Jennifer%20Bustard.jpg' alt='Msu Distinguished Alumni Programme' title='Msu Distinguished Alumni Programme' />Explore the various IEEE DAY events happening across the globe. Dont forget to add your event as well Note You have to Login before you can actually Add your. Create free online surveys in minutes with SurveyMonkey. Get the feedback you need so you can make smarter decisions. Mature Entry Refer to Section 3. General Regulations. Visiting School. 3. The aim of the visiting school programme is to provide academic support to those Human Resource Management practitioners who are already in the field but need to upgrade their skills in the area. Ordinarily, these individuals hold qualifications lower than BSc in Human Resource Management studies. The degree programme will be completed in threeyears with academic levels 2 and 3 running concurrently. To qualify for normal entry into the BSc Human Resource Management Studies Programme Visiting School, candidates should have at least five O level passes including English and Mathematics. In addition, a candidate must have Either A Diploma in Human Resource management. OR Any other relevant tertiary qualification. And At least 5 years working experience in the relevant field Proof of employment in a relevant field. GENERAL PROVISIONS4. The Bachelor of Science Human Resource Management Honours Degree is a four year programme. Students go for work related learning during the third level of study. ASSESSMENT5. 1 Methods of assessment shall include continuous assessment, examinations, work related learning supervision and dissertation. The weighting will be computed as follows Continuous Assessment 4. Examination 6. 05. Dissertation. 5. 3. After a dissertation has been submitted and marked, a student may be required to defend it before the Departmental Board of Examiners. The highest mark that may be awarded to a dissertation submitted after due date is 5. A dissertation that attains a failure mark within supplementable range may be resubmitted within three months after the publication of results and the highest mark attainable shall be 5. FAILURE TOSATIFYEXAMINERS7. WORK RELATED LEARNING GENERAL GUIDELINES Refer to Section 9 of the General Regulations. Refer to Section 8 of the Faculty Regulations. PROVISION FOR PROGRESSION Refer to Section 6 of the Faculty Regulations. GRADINGAND DEGREE CLASSIFICATION Refer to Section 1. Faculty Regulations. DEGREE WEIGHTING Refer to Section 1. Faculty Regulations. HONORARY DEGREES Honorary Degrees will be awarded to individuals who will have distinguished themselves in the field of Human Resource Management and Community Service. The Human Resource. Management Department may offer the following degrees Honoris causa. Doctor of Public Service D. P. S1. 1. 2 Doctor of Science DSc1. PROGRAMME STRUCTURELevel 1 Semester 1 All modules are compulsoryCode. Module Title. Credits. HRM 1. 09. Industrial Relations. HRM 1. 02. Principles of Economics. HRM 1. 01. Management and Labour. CS1. 01. Basic of Communication Skills. HCS 1. 15. Introduction to Information Technology. HRM 1. 19. Principles of Accounting. Level 1 Semester 2. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 1. 04. Labour Economics. HRM 1. 12. Organisational Communication. HRM 1. 13. Principles of Training. HRM 1. 15. Principles of Sociology. HRM 1. 17. Principles of Human Resource Management. PSY 1. 02. Principles of Psychology. Level 2 Semester 1. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 2. 02. Organizational Behaviour. HRM 2. 13. Human Resource Policy and Practice. HRM 2. 14. Principles of Marketing. HRM 2. 15. Business Law 1. GS2. 01. Introduction to Gender Studies. HRM 2. 19. HIVAIDS in the Workplace. Level 2 Semester 2. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 2. 03. Elements of Labour Law. HRM 2. 07. Social Research Methods. HRM 2. 10. Work Place Industrial Relations. HRM 2. 12. Occupational Health and Safety. HRM 2. 18. Business Law 2. HRM 2. 20. Public Sector HRM4. Level 3 Semester 1 and 2 Work Related Learning. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 3. 01. Work Related Learning Report. HRM 3. 02. Academic Supervisors Report. HRM 3. 03. Employers Assessment Report. Level 4 Semester 1. Hp Laserjet 1010 Network Printer Windows 7. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 4. 02. Management of Change. HRM 4. 03. Strategic Human Resource Management. HRM 4. 10. Leadership and Ethics. HRM 4. 09. Human Resource Development. Level 4 Semester 2. Code. Module Title. Credits. HRM 4. 01. Comparative Industrial Relations. HRM 4. 06. Dissertation. HRM 4. 11. Entrepreneurship. HRM 4. 12. Gender and the World of Work. MODULE SYNOPSESHRM1.