Guide Integration of drivers into a Win. Win. 7, Win. 8. 1 or Win. Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' title='Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' />Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900Introduction When you are going to do a fresh OS install, it is a good idea to customize the original OS image by integrating the things you need or like to use special drivers, additional hotfixes, features etc. This way you will save time and may avoid some troubles see below while doing all this later, that means once the OS is already up and running. The easiest and safest way to customize an OS image from Win. My favorite one is NTLite LINKlt lt a, which has been developed by our Forum member and n. Lite maker nuhi. The free version of NTLite is able to do all the needed operations for this guide, including the removal and addition of special mass storage drivers like the Intel RST ones. Here is a guide about how to to do it Integration of Driversincl. Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' title='Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' />AHCIRAIDNVMeUSBinto a Windows Imageby using NTLite. Guide for Win. 7, Win. Win. 10 3. 26. 4bitLast updated 0. M69801.png' alt='Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' title='Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900' />Windows 10 Forums the biggest Windows 10 help and support forum, friendly help and many tutorials that will help you get the most out of Microsofts latest Operating. Changelog Updated Parts of the Guide due to NTLite v. All inserted pictures. General notes regarding this guide The current guide version and its inserted pictures are based on NTLite v. Build 5. 53. 7. Although I am trying to keep my guide up to date promptly after major NTLite updates, I cannot exclude, that there are some differences between the pictures of this guide and the GUI of your used NTLite versionBuild. Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a. Win7, Win8. 1 or Win10 Introduction When you are going to do a fresh OS install, it is a good idea to customize the. To demonstrate the procedure how to remove an in box driver from a Windows Image and how to insert another driver into it, I have chosen a practical example, which may be helpful for Intel RAID users with an older Intel RAID system up to 7 Series Chipsets, who want to use the best performing classical Intel RST driver v. Stor. sys from scratch instead of the in box Intel RSTe driver 1. Win. 8 resp. v. 13. Win. 10 named ia. Stor. AV. sys. If you are missing anything within the guide or should somewhere find a mistake or a lack of clarity, please send me a PM. Thanks in advance I. Preparations. This is what you need the latest available Build of the newest stable NTLite version you can get it herelt lt font It is recommended to choose the tool architecture 3. Windows OS which you are currently running. OS image you want to customize either as ISO file or as content of a bootable OS DVDUSB Flash drive, the Sources folder should contain a boot. AHCIRAIDNVMe drivers and other device drivers you want to integrate into the OS image usually available herelt lt a or herelt lt a. Further preparations Create a new folder outside the OS partition and give it any name e. D NTLite Works. Copy the content of the Windows installation DVDUSB or if using an ISO file extract it by using a tool like 7 Zip or Win. RAR into the just created folder. Install NTLite onto your computer. II. Working with NTLite. This is what you should do A. Start NTLite. First steps Run NTLite. Now you will see the NTLite GUI Interface similar to this picture Note you can enlarge all screenshots by clicking onto them NTLite Guide Pic. Bild entfernt keine RechteIf you want to change the language of the NTLite GUI English is DEFAULT, you can do it this way Click onto the NTLite Menu point File, choose Settings, click onto the drop down menu, which is underneath the word Language, choose your favorite one and click OK. De Mods Para Resident Evil 4 Pc. Choosing the target directory Click onto the Add field from the Toolbar, navigate to the folder, where you copiedextracted the original OS image files, and click Select Folder. After having expanded the BootSetup string leads to the BOOT. WIM on the right hand side, you will see a picture like this NTLite Guide Pic. Bild entfernt keine RechteB. Customization of the INSTALL. WIM and BOOT. WIMImportant infos regarding INSTALL. WIM and BOOT. WIM The file named INSTALL. WIM or INSTALL. ESD, if even more compressed and encrypted is very voluminous, because it contains the complete OS data in compressed form. That is why this file has to be customized, if the user wants to use a special third party driver from scratch or want to avoid the usage of a special in box driver. Since the INSTALL. WIM may contain more than 1 OS Image Edition example Win. Home and Win. 10 Pro, you have to pay attention which of them you want to customize. If you want to customize more than 1 image, you have to repeat the procedure with the other ones later on see below. The file named BOOT. WIM contains just the data, which are required for the first part of the OS Setup. Most important are the so called textmodeF6 drivers, which are required for the detection of the connected storageUSB disk drives resp. AHCIRAIDNVMeUSB3 Controllers at this early stage of the OS Setup. That is why a driver customization of the BOOT. WIM file is absolutely required, if the user wants either to boot off otherwise unsupported hardware or to force the usage of a better storageUSB driver from scratch. Since the storageUSB drivers are in both image files INSTALL. WIM and BOOT. WIM, both of them have to be customized. Cumulative Update KB4. Build 1. 62. 99. 1. PC Insider Page 1. Computer Type PCDesktop System ManufacturerModel Number Alienware Aurora R6 OS Triple boot Win 1. Pro, Win 1. 0 Pro Insider 2 and a sprinkling of VMs CPU Intel Core i. K 4. 2. 0GHz OC 4. GHz Kaby Lake Motherboard Alienware 0. HV6. 6 U3. E1 Memory 3. GB Hyper. X FURY DDR4 XMP 2. MHz Graphics Card NVIDIA Ge. Force GTX 1. 08. 0 Ti w1. GB GDDR5. X Intel HD Graphics 6. Sound Card Realtek High Definition Audio Monitors Displays Samsung 2. Curved C2. 7F5. 91 Screen Resolution 1. Keyboard Logitech K8. Wireless Mouse Logitech MX Master Wireless PSU 8. W PSU Liquid Cooled Chassis Cyber. Power 1. 50. 0 UPS Case Alienware Mid Tower Dell Cooling Liquid Cooled 3 fan Top exhaust Hard Drives 1. TB NVMe PM9. 61 NVMe SSD SAMSUNG Boot. TB Seagate ST2. 00. DM0. 01 1. ER1. 64 SATA. TB Samsung SSD 8. EVO. 1. TB Seagate ST1. DM0. 03 1. ER1. 62. TB WD Elements 1. A8 USB Device. 1. TB BUFFALO HD PNTU3 USB Device. TB x. 4 Seagate BUP Slim SCSI Disk Device Internet Speed 7. Browser FF, Chrome, Cyberfox, Vivaldi Antivirus Defender, MBAM, Super. Anti. Spyware Other Info Blueray RW Optical. Canon MX4. 10 series PrinterFaxScannerCopier. Altec 5. 1 Speakers L R, Mid Base Boom. Macrium Home Premium, Revo Pro, Screenspresso Pro Computer Type Laptop System ManufacturerModel Number MS Surface Pro 3 OS Windows 1. Pro 6. 4 bit CPU Intel Core i. U 1. 9Haswell ULT 2. Technology Motherboard MS SP3 Memory 8. GB Dual Channel DDR3 1. Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics Family Microsoft Sound Card Realtek High Definition Audio Monitors Displays Generic Pn. P Monitor 2. 16. Hz Screen Resolution 2. Keyboard Detachable Backlit Mouse Surface Arc Touch Hard Drives 2. GB Hitachi HFS2. 56. G3. AMNB 2. 20. 0A SSD Internet Speed Wi. Fi 4. 5MBs Browser FF,Chrome Antivirus MBAM, Defender,SAS Other Info Pen.