Z1rgs7k0o1_500.jpg' alt='Forced Womanhood Zip Files' title='Forced Womanhood Zip Files' />Forced Womanhood Zip FilesForced Womanhood Zip FilesJanuary 2. Bondage Video Discussion Forum Archive. As this is my one hundredth post here, and since I have not written a review in over a year, I figured this was the time to do just that. If you are one of the three masochists who read my previous critiques, youll know what to expect. The rest of you may want to scroll down a bit to know what youre in for. By the way, any semblance between what follows and recent pics of the day is purely coincidental. V2p8iLV1A/UZ8Yii_u65I/AAAAAAAABmg/bjYmOef6q2M/s1600/let%20me%20put%20lipstick%20on%20you%20sissy%20brother%20then%20we%20will%20see%20how%20you%20look%20in%20panties%20and%20more.jpg' alt='Forced Womanhood Zip Files' title='Forced Womanhood Zip Files' />Note These are only series weve seen in their entirety. Also, Ive separated ratings into how much I like something and how good I think it is objectively. Gigabyte Mouse Drivers M6900 there. SISTERS DEVOTION. Caroline Smith opened her eyes slowly, still groggy from all the drinks she had from the party last night. Did she drink too muchKristi and the Time Machine Directed by Richard Stalin, 2. Kristi and the Time Machine KTM is the first new production from Teraz Films since last years Mark of the Whip 2. Technically, its not a Teraz video at all, being released under the Terror Perverse label shared by Girl in the Lift and Ninas Nightmares. Supposedly, Terror Perverse videos are more extreme than Teraz films, but if this is so, it is due to their featuring more pseudo hardcore action, not graphic violence. There really isnt much difference between KTM and the MOW films they all draw on the same quirky style unique to the Teraz universe. For those familiar with Terazs previous output, Kristi and the Time Machine will seem more than a little familiar. Forced Womanhood Zip Files' title='Forced Womanhood Zip Files' />As usual, the male characters are often masked and dubbed with synthesized voices, giving them the creepy presence of alien beings disguised as humans. The Granny Clampett clone from MOW2 returns in a bit role, again most likely played by a man. Theres even a cameo appearance by everyones favorite gauze wrapped villain, the Fantom Kiler himself. KTM features only two actresses Maria Vaslova in a brief but very welcome appearance as FKs victim, and Kristi Lust Kristna Luskov, pictured right in a shot not from KTM, a Czech porn star who is in 9. Both Kristi and Maria embody classic Teraz GIMPettes statuesque, glistening glamazons wearing nothing but stiletto heels and struggling desperately with their lines. Except for a few exterior shots, KTM was filmed in the Teraz studios in the Czech Republic. Now unless a film is set in pre existing indoor locations, attempting a low budget, studio bound production, especially one spanning multiple time periods, is usually ill advised. Yet Teraz always surprises me with how much they squeeze out of their plywood sets, creative lighting and fog machines. The overall effect is surprisingly atmospheric if you dont mind the cheesy feel of a low budget, 1. If mainstream realism is of utmost importance to you, I suspect you will be disappointed the cost limitations are apparent in every shot but if like me, you can get by on ambience and good intentions, KTM provides some unique and innovative scenes rarely attempted in peril fetish videos. Ostensibly directed by Richard Stalin, but likely helmed by the same gent who made the Fantom Kiler films Roman Nowicki, though some may know him by other monickers, KTM is a sex and violence remake of that Irwin Allen television chestnut from the mid Sixties, The Time Tunnel. Free Mahjong Games With No Download on this page. Those of us old enough to remember this show will recall that the titular invention was a multi billion dollar project to send reckless scientists into the past and future to do, well. As the show opens, the project is in danger of being scrapped because much money has been spent and all the scientists are still safely ensconced in the present. To prove the invention works, reckless young scientist Tony sends himself back in time. Shortly thereafter, reckless older scientist Doug follows him. As the remaining eggheads collectively slap their foreheads, they watch helplessly via those magic view screens that show events being relayed by non existent cameras as Tony and Doug are transported back to 1. Titanic The time travelers do their best to convince the ships crew that their unsinkable boat is about to, you know, sink, but these raving lunatics who claim to be from the future meet with little success. Cue iceberg insert spiffy effects from some hoary old movie and at the very last instant, save scientists by beaming them to some other perilous situation in a different era. That basic premise is repeated week after week, as Tony and Doug bop from Krakatoa to Pearl Harbor to the Alamo anywhere but back to the present because they are lost in time. In each episode they are yanked to their next exciting destination just as doom seems inevitable. So what has this digression to archaic science fiction television got to do with Kristi and the Time Machine Just about everything. Power Factor Correction Calculation Example Pdf'>Power Factor Correction Calculation Example Pdf. Not only does KTM appropriate the Time Tunnel plot, it even steals the tunnels concentric rings and uses them as a motif for its time travel sequences. Of course, the KTM destinations are considerably less epic in scope, and the machine itself is. But the rest is all there, nostalgia fans, with the addition of three things you never saw on the television series nudity, bondage, and a whole truckload of female peril. As KTM opens Somewhere in Eastern Europe, Professor Rohr Sauger, inventor of a rather low rent time machine, receives the bad news that his project is in danger of being scrapped because much money has been spent, and to no ones surprise, no time traveling has occurred. Pipe smoking Rohr Sauger and his associate, Professor Korsakov, attired in lab coats and wearing those nefarious masks, are ordered to prove the machine works or face having their funding cut. Whats a poor mad scientist to doMaybe try using the unfinished device on himself to demonstrate it Not on your life. Far better to recruit his comely and extraordinarily ill informed assistant to test drive the thing and see what happens. Doctor Kristi Lust played by not a doctor Kristi Lust is summoned. After listening to Rohr Saugers unconvincing blather about how his invention works, and being scolded for questioning its safety, Kristi bleats yes sir a half dozen times and, clipboard in hand, obligingly marches into the time machine. This dodgy contraption, which resembles a revolving door on a subway platform, entraps poor Kristi, who is told she must remove all her clothing in order for the device to work properly. After protesting for about two seconds, our eager to please heroine doffs her lab coat, bra and panties, but not her trusty Manolo Blahniks, which apparently do not count as clothing. Its important to note that at this point, about seven minutes into the movie, Kristi Lust is virtually naked, and that, excepting a brief segment in ancient Rome, she will remain so for the rest of the film. Its also worth mentioning that this is one of the best things about KTM. For my money, Kristi Lust is among the hottest actresses Ive seen in a GIMP fetish flick, and every delectable square inch of her flesh is on display in the shots which follow. Thankfully, she makes no effort to find replacement clothing. Understandably curious about where in time her boss plans to send her, Kristi becomes a little concerned when Rohr Sauger reveals he hasnt a clue himself. After all, hes never used the machine before so what the hell, hell just wing it. Even worse, shes told he is still working on how to make the journey a round trip. This clearly does not sit well with Kristi, but before she can object further, Rohr Sauger activates the machine. In a most enjoyable sequence, Kristi starts writhing as the apparatus fires up. The device emits suitably retro sound effects, and its hapless occupant begins dancing about like a possessed go go dancer.