PathOfLight-web.jpg' alt='Beneath A Vedic Sky Pdf Editor' title='Beneath A Vedic Sky Pdf Editor' />ProtoIndoEuropean religion is the belief system adhered to by the ProtoIndoEuropeans. Although this belief system is not directly attested, it has been. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. A Positive Force for Change Alisina. Dear Mr. Ali Sina. I am Ex muslim Libyan young, and I would like to thank you to your great efforts to fight and expose Islam, and planting the seeds of doubt in the hearts of Muslims about Mohammed son of slut. The Islam must be eliminated by all means, why Because it is a danger to U. S., Israeli, western culture and all humanity. My colleagues and I, for example, our attention related to exposing Muslim woman who allege chastity, and make her a slut for western and Jewish man, and publish on the internet, and this is what we do every week. Chart100801.jpg' alt='Beneath A Vedic Sky Pdf Pro' title='Beneath A Vedic Sky Pdf Pro' />Please accept me as a follower and a soldier to you in Libya. With Best Regards. Name Imad. Origin Arabic. Country Libya. Hi Imad,Great to hear from you. I am glad that there are free thinking people  in Libya and I hope there will be more soon. If Libya falls into the hand of Islamists it will be disaster for the people. It is up to people like you to save your country. All the best. Ali Sina Dear Mr. Ali Sina. I am very happy to receive your response, and you should know, Sir, that Libya will not fall into the hands of terrorists, this promise me. My colleagues and I in a race against time in order to break the hearts of Muslims in Libya to leave Islam, by making their wives a sluts in the West with a non Muslim man, and so will break the resolve of the Muslim men, and know that their wives love Westerners and hated in Islam. We seek to promote the culture of pornography among Muslims to leave their religion, and the women are half of the society, and this means that half of the population will be in a row our leader Mr. Ali Sina. Well Imad, I did not understand you at first. Now I do.   I cropped the above picture from your site. I am afraid I have to disagree with you. Not only your plan is not going to work it will actually backfire and will make Muslims want to cling to Islam even faster. In order to get rid of Islam we have to promote a culture that is based on high human values, family values, morality and decency. Most humans are attracted to these noble human values. Islam promises to deliver them and that is its lure. Of course, like all promises of Islam this too is a lie. Islam promotes pedophilia calling it marriage. Beneath A Vedic Sky Pdf ConverterIt promotes promiscuity in the name of polygamy. It promotes prostitution in the name of muta or temporary marriage. Islam does not bring any morality. It legitimizes immorality. The reason people want to cling to religion is because they are afraid of losing their moral basis. Any doctrine without morality is doomed. A minority is always attracted to such doctrines, but they often repulse the majority. Family is the foundation of human society. Conjugal loyalty is the glue that holds the family together. Sexual libertinage destroys the family, without which the society crumbles. Ujian Kpp. Morality is not a religious construct. Religions have been the custodians of it and as such we must be grateful to them. However, morality is an evolutionary imperative. It is not ordained by a god. It is a human invention. The reason we invented it is because it is a necessity for our survival. It is what keeps the family and consequently the society together. We are very different from other mammals and primates. Human children have psychological needs that are not significant for the survival of other mammals and primates. We are a lot more complex creatures than gorillas and chimpanzees our closest cousins. A human child needs two parents, a mother and a father, for at least 1. He also needs siblings. This means that human couples must remain committed to each other for at least 2. That is why we have monogamy. That is why we have invented human morality. It is to protect our future generation. Children are the reason behind human morality. So my friend, if you think the solution to get rid of Islam is pornography and prostitution of Muslim housewives, I am afraid you cannot be more mistaken. You will pave the road for the Islamization of your country like no one can. No rabid mullah can be more effective in making Islam succeed than you. If this is the path you have chosen, please do not mire my name. I dont subscribe to your plan and dont agree with your strategy. You trade with sex. You are a pimp, not a freedom fighter. Many people blame me for not criticizing all religions. The reason I dont is because I dont want to throw out the baby with the bath water. Religions offer something atheism does not and that is morality. It is not that morality and atheism are mutually exclusive, but there is no specific injunction in atheism that encourages morality. We can reason that morality is better than immorality but such intellectual discussion is not for the consumption of the masses. The masses need specific guidelines. Atheism does not have them. That is why I believe that masses are better off with a religion that promotes morality than with atheism. I cant tell you what to do with your life. I am fighting for a world where everyone is free to do as their conscience dictates as long as they dont violate the freedom of others. Of course freedom, like anything else has a side effect. There wouldnt be any plane crashes if there were no air travels. Cell phones can cause brain tumor. But no one suggest we get rid of airplanes and cell phones. What you do is the side effect of what I strive to achieve. Pornography is the side effect of freedom. We dont get rid of freedom just because some people abuse it. Please do not consider me your ally. I regard your profession a vice something that leads to the destruction of family and the society, and considering that you operate from an Islamic country, I see you as an obstacle in my way to set Muslims free. My goal is to wean Muslims from Islam and this cannot be done unless we offer them an alternative that is better while it satisfies their basic needs for morality. I pray that you realize the damage that you are causing to not just my cause and to your country, but also to countless lives and innocent children. By commercializing Libyan housewives as sex object you destroy families. You destroy future generations something that is morally reprehensible and unforgivable. I dont know about your background, your upbringing and your psychology. Perhaps you belong to that category of people who dont mind to share their wife with other men. Maybe you come from a broken family and possibly your mother was a whore. You could be a sociopath with no conscience. If any of these is true, I dont blame you for the path you have chosen. You are a victim of your circumstances and dont know better. However, what you do harms people. You are a negative influence in the society. Please do not call yourself my ally. My allies are Christians, Hindus, and peoples of other faiths that know morality is the foundation of the society and strive for the spiritual betterment of the individual and the world. People in pornographic industry and sex trade are not my allies. Proto Indo European religion Wikipedia. Proto Indo European religion is the belief system adhered to by the Proto Indo Europeans. Although this belief system is not directly attested, it has been reconstructed by scholars of comparative mythology based on the similarities in the belief systems of various Indo European peoples. Various schools of thought exist regarding the precise nature of Proto Indo European religion, which do not always agree with each other. Vedic mythology, Roman mythology, and Norse mythology are the main mythologies normally used for comparative reconstruction, though they are often supplemented with supporting evidence from the Baltic, Celtic, Greek, Slavic, and Hittite traditions as well. The Proto Indo European pantheon includes well attested deities such as Dyus Patr, the god of the daylit skies, his daughter auss, the goddess of the dawn, the Horse Twins, and the storm god erkwunos. Other probable deities include h. Seh. 2ul, a Sun goddess. Well attested myths of the Proto Indo Europeans include a myth involving a storm god who slays a multi headed serpent that dwells in water, a myth about the Sun and Moon riding in chariots across the sky, and a creation story involving two brothers, one of whom is sacrificed by the other in order to create the world. The Proto Indo Europeans may have believed that the Otherworld was guarded by some kind of watchdog and could only be reached by crossing a river. They also may have believed in some kind of world tree, bearing fruit of immortality, either guarded by or gnawed on by a serpent or dragon of some kind and tended to by three goddesses, who were believed to spin the thread of life. Methods of reconstructioneditSchools of thoughteditThe religion of the Proto Indo Europeans is not directly attested and it is difficult to match their language to archaeological findings related to any specific culture from the Chalcolithic. Nonetheless, scholars of comparative mythology have attempted to reconstruct aspects of Proto Indo European religion based on the existence of similarities among the deities, religious practices, and myths of various Indo European peoples. This method is known as the comparative method. Different schools of thought have approached the subject of Proto Indo European religion from different angles. The Meteorological School holds that Proto Indo European religion was largely centered around deified natural phenomena such as the sky, the Sun, the Moon, and the dawn. This meteorological interpretation was popular among early scholars, but has lost a considerable degree of scholarly support in recent years. The Ritual School, on the other hand, holds that Proto Indo European myths are best understood as stories invented to explain various rituals and religious practices. Bruce Lincoln, a member of the Ritual School, argues that the Proto Indo Europeans believed that every sacrifice was a reenactment of the original sacrifice performed by the founder of the human race on his twin brother. The Functionalist School holds that Proto Indo European society and, consequently, their religion, was largely centered around the trifunctional system proposed by Georges Dumzil, which holds that Proto Indo European society was divided into three distinct social classes farmers, warriors, and priests. The Structuralist School, by contrast, argues that Proto Indo European religion was largely centered around the concept of dualistic opposition. This approach generally tends to focus on cultural universals within the realm of mythology, rather than the genetic origins of those myths, but it also offers refinements of the Dumzilian trifunctional system by highlighting the oppositional elements present within each function, such as the creative and destructive elements both found within the role of the warrior. Source mythologieseditOne of the earliest and most important of all Indo European mythologies is Vedic mythology, especially the mythology of the Rigveda, the oldest of the Vedas. Early scholars of comparative mythology such as Max Mller stressed the importance of Vedic mythology to such an extent that they practically equated it with Proto Indo European myth. Modern researchers have been much more cautious, recognizing that, although Vedic mythology is still central, other mythologies must also be taken into account. Another of the most important source mythologies for comparative research is Roman mythology. Contrary to the frequent erroneous statement made by some authors that Rome has no myth, the Romans possessed a very complex mythological system, parts of which have been preserved through the unique Roman tendency to rationalize their myths into historical accounts. Despite its relatively late attestation, Norse mythology is still considered one of the three most important of the Indo European mythologies for comparative research, simply due to the vast bulk of surviving Icelandic material. Baltic mythology has also received a great deal of scholarly attention, but has so far remained frustrating to researchers because the sources are so comparatively late. Nonetheless, Latvian folk songs are seen as a major source of information in the process of reconstructing Proto Indo European myth. Despite the popularity of Greek mythology in western culture, Greek mythology is generally seen as having little importance in comparative mythology due to the heavy influence of Pre Greek and Near Eastern cultures, which overwhelms what little Indo European material can be extracted from it. Consequently, Greek mythology received minimal scholarly attention until the mid 2. PantheoneditLinguists are able to reconstruct the names of some deities in the Proto Indo European language PIE from many types of sources. Some of the proposed deity names are more readily accepted among scholars than others. Notes 1The term for a god was eiwos,1. Hittite, sius Latin, deus, divus Sanskrit, deva Avestan, daeva later, Persian, div Welsh, duw Irish, dia Old Norse, tvurr Lithuanian, Dievas Latvian, Dievs. Heavenly deitieseditSky FathereditThe supreme ruler of the Proto Indo European pantheon was the god yus Patr, whose name literally means Sky Father. He is believed to have been regarded as the god of the daylit skies. He is, by far, the most well attested of all the Proto Indo European deities. The Greek god Zeus, the Roman god Jupiter, and the Illyrian god Dei Ptrous all appear as the head gods of their respective pantheons. The Norse god Tr, however, seems to have been demoted to the role of a minor war deity prior to the composition of the earliest Germanic texts. Dyus Patr is also attested in the Rigveda as Dyus Pit, a minor ancestor figure mentioned in only a few hymns. The names of the Latvian god Dievs and the Hittite god Attas Isanus do not preserve the exact literal translation of the name yus Patr, but do preserve the general meaning of it. Patr may have had a consort who was an earth goddess. This possibility is attested in the Vedic pairing of Dyus Pit and Prithvi Mater, the Roman pairing of Jupiter and Tellus Mater from Macrobiuss Saturnalia, and the Norse pairing of Odin and Jr. Odin is not a reflex of yus Patr, but his cult may have subsumed aspects of an earlier chief deity who was.