List of real time strategy video games. See Lists of video games for related lists. This is a comprehensive index of real time strategyvideo games, sorted chronologically. Information regarding date of release, developer, platform, setting and notability is provided when available. By yeareditYear. Released. Year. Released. Popular casino game Type of deadly spider Guess these answers that all contain the word black. Baldies Game' title='Baldies Game' />Year. Released. Year. Released. I spent a little time with Fallout 4s new survival mode beta this morning, and Im here to report that its pretty good, and its pretty hard, and it makes every. A website devoted to studying youth gangs from New York City from the 1950s. The worlds leading online source of ebooks, with a vast range of ebooks from academic, popular and professional publishers. Welcome to Cheatinfo, your number one source for Gamecheats, Action Games, PC Cheats and Codes along with high resolution game. Cheatinfo is updated everyday. Cast, crew and other information about the production, plus links. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Year. Game. Developer. Setting. Platform. Notes. 19. 79. War of Nerves Magnavox. Sci fi. ODY2. Real time strategy11. Sea Battle. Magnavox. Naval. ODY2. Real time strategy. Utopia. Don Daglow. Simulation. INTReal time strategy. Cosmic Conquest. Alan Sartori Angus. Sci fi. APPIIReal time space strategy21. Cytron Masters. Ozark Softscape. Sci fi. ATRReal time strategy. Legionnaire. Chris Crawford. Historical. ATRReal time strategy. Ocean Battle. Emerson Radio. Naval. Arcadia 2. Real time strategy31. Bokosuka Wars. Kji Sumii. Fantasy. X1. Strategy role playing game. Reverse tower defense. Real time strategy41. NATO Commander. Micro. Prose. Political. ATR, AP2, C6. 4Real time strategy. Stonkers. Imagine Software. Military. ZXReal time strategy. Ancient Art of War, The. Evryware. Historical. APPII, DOS, MAC, TRS8. Real time tactics. Psi 5 Trading Company. Distinctive Software. Sci fi. CPC, C6. ZX, AP2, DOSReal time strategy. Nether Earth. Argus Press Software. Sci fi. ZXReal time strategy. Ancient Art of War at Sea, The. Evryware. Historical. DOSReal time tactics. Energy Warrior. Binary Design. Sci fi. C6. 4Scrolling shooter. Gain Ground. Sega. Historical. Arcade, SMS, GEN, PCEAction Strategy. Real time game. 19. Herzog. Techno. Soft. Sci fi. MSX, PC8. Strategy video game. Real time game. 19. J. R. R. Tolkiens War in Middle earth. Melbourne House. Fantasy. Various. Real time tactics. Carrier Command. Realtime. Sci fi. AMI, C6. CPC, ST, ZXVehicle simulation game. Real time strategy. Modem Wars. Ozark Softscape. Sci fi. C6. 4, DOSReal time strategy. Herzog Zwei. Techno. Soft. Sci fi. GENReal time strategy. Tactical shooter. North South. Infogrames. Historical. Various. Populous. Bullfrog. Fantasy. Various. Supremacy Your Will Be Done. Probe. Sci fi. AMI, C6. DOS, NES, ST1. 99. Powermonger. Bullfrog. Fantasy. Various. Battle Command. Realtime. AMI, CPC, DOS, ST, ZX1. Command HQOzark Softscape. Historical. MAC, DOS1. J. R. R. Tolkiens Riders of Rohan. Beam, Papyrus. Fantasy. DOS1. 99. 1Mega Lo Mania. Sensible. Fantasy. Various. First game using Tech Tree. Populous II Trials of the Olympian Gods. Bullfrog. Fantasy. Various. 19. 91. Shadow Sorcerer. U. S. Gold. Fantasy. AMI, DOS, ST1. 99. Utopia The Creation of a Nation. Celestial. Sci fi. Various. 19. 92. Dune IIWestwood. Sci fi. Various. Hanjuku Eiyuu Aa Sekai Yo Hanjuku Nare. Square. WSC1. 99. Siege. Mindcraft. Fantasy. DOS1. 99. Settlers, The. Blue Byte. Fantasy. AMI, DOS1. Stronghold. Stormfront. Fantasy. DOS1. 99. Cannon Fodder. Sensible. Modern War. Various. RTS, separable troops move via way points. Metal Marines. Namco. Sci fi. DOS, SNES1. Alien Legacy. Ybarra. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. Ancient Art of War in the Skies, The. Evryware. Historical. DOS1. 99. 4Iron Seed. Channel 7. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. 4K2. 40. Celestial. Sci fi. AMI1. 99. 4Outpost. Sierra. Sci fi. MAC, WIN3. X1. 99. 4Reunion. Digital Reality. Sci fi. AMI, DOS1. 99. 4Warcraft Orcs Humans. Blizzard. Fantasy. DOS, MAC1. 99. 4Warpath. Synthetic Reality. Sci fi. WIN3. X1. Baldies. Creative Edge Software. Fantasy. DOS, MAC, PS1, SAT, WIN1. Command Conquer. Westwood. Sci fi. Various. 19. Command Conquer The Covert Operations. Westwood. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. 5Warcraft II Tides of Darkness. Blizzard. Fantasy. DOS, MAC, PS1. Sequel to Warcraft. Blood Magic. Tachyon. Fantasy. DOS, WIN1. Command Conquer Red Alert. Westwood. Sci fi. DOS, PS1, WIN1. 99. Dragon Force. Sega. Fantasy. SATSeparate strategy and tactics layers. Fragile Allegiance. Gremlin. Sci fi. DOS, WINRemake of K2. Genewars. Bullfrog. Sci fi. DOS, WIN1. Settlers II, The. Blue Byte. Fantasy. DOS, MAC1. 99. 6Star Command Revolution. Metropolis. Sci fi. DOS, WIN9. X1. 99. War Wind. Dream. Forge. Fantasy. WIN1. 99. Warcraft II Beyond the Dark Portal. Blizzard. Fantasy. Various. Expansion to Warcraft II1. Z video gameThe Bitmap Brothers. Sci fi. Various. Legion. Epic Mega. Games. Sci fi. WIN1. Age of Empires. Ensemble. Historical. MAC, PPC, WIN1. Beasts and Bumpkins. Worldweaver. Fantasy. WIN1. 99. 7Command Conquer Red Alert Counterstrike. Westwood. Sci fi. DOS, WIN1. 99. 7Command Conquer Red Alert The Aftermath. Westwood. Sci fi. DOS, WIN1. 99. 7Command Conquer Sole Survivor. Westwood. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. 7Conquest Earth. Data Design Interactive. Sci fi. DOS, WIN1. Dark Colony. SSISci fi. WIN1. 99. 7Dark Reign The Future of War. Auran. Sci fi. WIN1. Earth 2. 14. 0Topware. Sci fi. Various. Enemy Nations. Windward. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Extreme Tactics. Media Station, Piranha. WIN1. 99. 7Imperium Galactica. Digital Reality. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. 7Jurassic War. Tranquil Revolt. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. 7KKn. DBeam. Post apocalyptic. WIN1. 99. 7KKND Krush Kill n Destroy Xtreme. Beam. Post apocalyptic. WINRemake of KKn. D. 1. 99. 7L. E. D. Wars, The. Larian. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Myth The Fallen Lords. Bungie. Fantasy. MAC, WIN1. Napoleon. Collision. Historical. WIN1. Net. Storm Islands At War. Titanic. Sci fi. WIN1. Outpost 2 Divided Destiny. Dynamix. Sci fi. WIN1. Pax Imperia Eminent Domain. Heliotrope. Sci fi. MAC, WIN1. 99. 7Rising Lands. Microds. Fantasy. WIN1. 99. 7Seven Kingdoms. Enlight. Fantasy. WIN1. 99. 7Svea Rike. Korkeken, Target Games. Historical. WIN1. Tone Rebellion, The. The Logic Factory. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Total Annihilation. Cavedog. Sci fi. MAC, WIN1. War Incorporated. Interactive Magic. Sci fi. DOS1. 99. War Wind II Human Onslaught. Dream. Forge. Fantasy. WINSequel to War Wind. Age of Empires The Rise of Rome. Ensemble. Historical. WINExpansion to Age Of Empires. Battles of the Outer Rim. Macmillian. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. 8Battlezone. Activision. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. 8Dark Colony The Council Wars. Sold Out. Sci fi. WINExpansion to Dark Colony. Dark Reign Rise of the Shadowhand. Auran. Sci fi. WINExpansion to Dark Reign The Future of War. Dominant Species. Red Storm Entertainment. Sci fi. WIN. 1. 99. Dominion Storm Over Gift 3. Ion Storm, 7th Level. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Dune 2. 00. 0Intelligent, Westwood. Sci fi. PS1, WIN1. Earth 2. 14. 0 Mission Pack 1. Topware. Sci fi. WIN1. Earth 2. Mission Pack 2 Final Conflict. Topware. Sci fi. WIN1. Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds. Rage. Sci fi. PS1, WIN1. KKND2 Krossfire. Beam. Sci fi. PS1, WINSequel to KKn. D. 1. 99. 8Knights and Merchants The Shattered Kingdom. Joymania. Fantasy. Various. 19. 98. Magic and Mayhem. Mythos. Fantasy. WIN1. Myth II Soulblighter. Bungie. Fantasy. MAC, WINSequel to Myth The Fallen Lords. Populous The Beginning. Bullfrog. Fantasy. WIN, PS1. 19. 98. Red Odyssey, The. Team Evolve. WIN1. Settlers III, The. Blue Byte. Fantasy. WINSequel to The Settlers II. Skull Caps. Creative Edge Software. Fantasy. WINSequel to Baldies. Star Wars Rebellion. Coolhand. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. 8Star. Craft. Blizzard. Sci fi. MAC, WIN1. 99. 8Star. Craft Brood War. Blizzard. Sci fi. MAC, WINExpansion to Star. Craft. 1. 99. 8Total Annihilation Battle Tactics. Cavedog. Sci fi. WIN1. Total Annihilation The Core Contingency. Cavedog. Sci fi. MAC, WIN1. Rival Realms. Activ Pub. Fantasy. WIN1. 99. Riverworld. Cryo Interactive. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Urban Assault. Terra. Tools, Radon Labs. Who Is Your One Direction Match. Sci fi. WIN1. 99. Age of Empires II The Age of Kings. New York City Gangs from the 1. I have been doing research on youth gangs from New York City in the 1. Think West Side Story but with more grit. These gangs from the 1. The gangs of today mainly fight over drugs, but the gangs from yesteryear fought over turf, patches of land that might not seem much to us today but were very important to the participants back then. Please dont hesitate to email me atemail protected if you have any questions, comments positive or negative. Also, if you lived in NYC during the 1. I want to hear from you. I have talked to many former gang members over the years and even have had situations of putting old acquaintances in touch with each other. If youre not sure where to start looking, go to the Whats New page to see the latest additions to the site.