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The more overqualified an employee feels, the more likely they are to engage in counterproductive behaviors that impair the effective functioning of organizations. While your performance might not slip into the realm of theft or bullying your colleagues, feeling like your role no longer suits you can affect your mindset and attitude. If youre feeling overqualified, heres what to do. Decide If Things Can Change. Even if you feel youve hit a dead end when it comes to career growth, you dont necessarily have to leave your job. Alison Green, of Ask a Manager, explains that if youre unhappy at work, you should talk to your manager about itif you think things can be fixed and if you would stay if they were to change. You have to decide for yourself what that means. Do you need a percentage of your responsibilities and projects to become more challenging Do you want to focus on just one new skill If you decide that either things arent able to change or that you wouldnt stay if they did, finding a new job may be your next move. Even so, talk to your manager first worththey may be able to suggest changes you thought werent possible. Look for Internal Opportunities. If you can work with your manager to change the parameters of your job, start with seeing how you can expand your role, even temporarily. On NPRs podcast Hidden Brain, Amy Wrzesniewski, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Yale, describes how you can use job crafting to make your current role more meaningful. That can certainly happen, where people can stumble into something and realize, This is what I would do even if I hit the lottery, versus, How is it I can craft the boundaries of this job. I can come to experience it perhaps as something that is meaningful as potentially a calling could be. The second situation she describes is one where you can shape your job, and ultimately your career, into work that motivates you. Everyones organization is different, so youll know the best way to look for opportunities, but heres a list of potential ones to get you started. Take something off someone elses plate If theres something that your boss or a team mate has to do often, but that seems boring for them, offer to take it over. This gives you the chance to learn something new and gives them more bandwidth to focus on other work. Get an inside view Tasks like helping prepare meeting slides or agendas, taking notes for your boss at meeting, or helping to document processes or resources are mundane, but they give you a peek into how higher ups make decisions. Support another team Youll want to clear this with your manager first, but supporting another team on a project can expose you to new skills, work, or ways of thinking. Fill a gap where resources are low Offer to take on projects or tasks that are falling by the wayside because there arent enough resources to sustain them. Youll get to do something different and take ownership while helping your department and company. Rob Chase Absolute Software. If youre a superstar employee, theres a good chance you have a target on your back. A recentRead more Read. Start Job Searching for a Stretch Role. Not every manager or company will be willing to shift your job description or offer internal opportunities to expand your role. If thats the case for you, your best options may be to look for a new job. Search for roles that will be a stretch and give you something to work towardsyou dont want to end up feeling like youve outgrown your job again in a short time. Hunting for a new job invariably means hitting up search sites, tapping your network, and beefingRead more Read.