If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade. Nanuet Do You Remember. Nanuet Do You Remember. Nanuet The flawed jewel of the Hudson lowlands. Result Processing System Pdf here. Hi locals My NANUET pages are doing exactly what I hoped they would do I have gotten some wonderful emails from people who have generously shared their own memories of our humble hamlet. Ive also been contacted by some long lost old friends. Please feel free to share your memories with me. Anything about Nanuet before 1. Bar Mitzvah year is welcome, pictures too. I wont upload a single word without your permission, and if you wish to remain anonymous, thats fine too. IF YOU WRITE, PLEASE TELL ME IF ITS OK TO POST YOUR COMMENTS. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO LINK TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, ALSO, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Page 2. GAMES. JELLY BEAN GAME Required Container, 23 pkgs. JELLY BEANS depending on number of kids and tables playing, score sheet, paper and pencil. Thanks Dan. Nanuet Do you remember. The Red Rail Bar on Middletown. Kodak Brownie 500 Projector Manual there. There were rumors only rumors, it turns out that there was a brothel upstairs. If I Ran A Circus Activities First Grade' title='If I Ran A Circus Activities First Grade' />If I Ran A Circus Activities First GradeOur neighbors Janice and Marty Goldfarb sometimes jokingly said to my parents, see you at the Red RailHutton Johnson The mill next to the Red Rail. The rail station and the old lady who tried to sell antiques. They spruced up the facade with colorful painted flowers and birds before it burned down in 1. Nanuet National Bank Hopperesque building at Prospect and Main, NE corner. Now an auto parts store. Boggianos Prospect and Main, SW corner now Martios. So it took me much more than 15 minutes because Im not a native english speaker, here it goes first time sharing my writing with anyone btw. My dad once went in for some light bulbs, and Mr. Boggiano told him he thought he might have some up on that top shelf over there, and expected my father to go climbing up there himself. The old library Upstairs between Boggianos and Phils, with Miss Meyers and her crazy nail polish now an apartment. Nanuets first public library was housed in Highview. Phils Barber Shop A few of his red waiting chairs are still in Martios. Johnsons Stationary on Main, next door to Phils. Robert Kirby, Mike Goldfarb, Jamie Overmeyer, and I used to look at the magazines, located in an alcove in the back. Shoe Repair My mom says the guy had a bad leg, and always tried to convert her to Christianity. Jocar Pizza SE corner of Orchard and Main, now All State. Never compared to Rex, at least according to my brothers. Charlies Meat Market Involved in some sort of numbers racket in the late 7. Om Nanuets first and only head shop. Later Stacy Gelbmans day care center. Elliots Little candy storegrill on Church across from the Highview playground. The Overmeyers bought it in the 7. I told them they should call it The Glass Onion. Even though they didnt, I insisted on referring to it by this name. Hobbies Market at the Golden Triangle. The Pub now called The Crossroads. It was owned by Donna Padilla for a while. L. H. Martin In Pearl River. Not to be confused with C. H. Martin, way up in Samsondale, past the mothball fleet. Durland Boats In the Grand Way parking lot. Buy Rite The brick toy store at the corner of 5. Middletown, with its series of arched windows. Grand Way On 5. 9. Don Lens Diner Originally the Hialeah, now the Nanuet, itll always be Don Lens to me, Kenny Braziller, Cheryl Kantor, and so many others. W. T. Grant and Company Grants next to Grand Way, with its big orange lettered sign. I remember a little ride they had there with a red plastic bucket seat, it went round in vertical circles. William T. Grant had over a thousand stores in the USA until the 7. His philanthropic foundation is a high profile supporter of NPR. Rex Pizza On 5. 9. We assumed they were Italian, but actually they were Albanian. Hong Luck Old style chow mein restaurant on 5. Electronics 5. 9 My dad used to take me with him to test his tubes on the machines in the front window. Miniature Golf Located where the Nanuet Theater Go Round was, right by the tracks on 5. I went there several times as a little boy. I remember once I went with Janice Lowenstein and her mom. Now a fundamentalist Christian Church. Mapleways Bowling Alley Just up from Grants and Don Lens When it closed, Nova Lighting took its place, along with Gaylins, where my mom said you could find any houseware item you could ever imagine. Shoppers Paradise Monstrous and depressing market up Pipetown in Spring Valley. The Peace Vigil SE corner of 5. Middletown. My dad was there every Saturday morning, protesting the Vietnam War sometimes being spat upon by other Nanuetters, while my mom was a few steps away at Saturday services. I bounded back and forth between the two. Nedicks Coffee shop in the Korvettes parking lot changed to Dickens when Nedicks went under a simple rearrangement of the letters. A Nedicks later re opened across from Penn Station Back after 2. E. J Korvette Home to a great record department. I bought scads of LPs there back in high school, waiting with bated breath for their big sales that would be advertised in the Sunday Times. Hills Supermarket next to Korvettes. Tiedemanns Grocery store across from the Hebrew Center. Kiddie Land On 5. West Nyack. When Rye Playland or Palisades Park was too much of a shlep, we might just go down the road to Kiddie Land. Built on a swamp. The Knolls Day Camp 1. Convent Road, just around the corner from my house The Paikins ran this day camp. Their big old house has now been levelled, and now there is serious talk of building 4 storey housing for seniors on the grounds. Is nothing sacred Eagle Day Camp Down Hutton Avenue, off 5. Rose Kieslers day camp. Tina Dellacroce also lived on Hutton. White Birch Inn Club at the corner of Birchwood and Pascack It had several names over the years, and I only remember this one It catered primarily to Spring Valleys black community. Birchwood itself was the only black section of town technically Spring Valley, but part of our school district. I once went with my friend Joanie to buy some pot at a boarding house in Birchwood. This guy lifted the mattress of his bed, and there was an enormous stash of weed bricks and bricks of the shit. Mrs. Wooldridges Nursery School, Higgins Funeral Home, the Hebrew Center,Doris Starks home Buildings on the east side of Main, starting at 5. Nichols Hill A fantastic sledding hill from Grandview down to Lexow. I imagine every Nanuetter has a tale to tell both great stories and agonies of defeat about our beloved Nichols Hill. Cultural Note One The writer Michael Rumaker briefly lived in the little house on Doris Stark s property, just next to the Hebrew Center, in the late 5. The address was 5. Main Street, Nanuet. In his book The Butterfly he writes about his girlfriend Eiko who is really Yoko Ono. He met her when she had car trouble driving along Middletown Road from upstate. Sy Lowenstein was Rumakers psychologist at Rockland State Dr. Sylvan in the book. A visit by the protagonist Jim to the Lowensteins house is described in the book, with a toddler Bruce Lowenstein briefly mentioned. Beyond the Lowensteins backyard, Warm windows shone in the darkness. This could very possibly be describing our house. On Nanuet The town was not very big. There was the main street on which he was walking now. On either side there was a church, several grocery stores and bars, a shoe repair shop. Cultural Note Two Rupert Holmes David Goldstein grew up at 5. Prospect Street, at Fremont. He then moved to Demarest, just across the street from the Grace Baptist Church, second house from the southwest corner at Orchard, right next door to where my old friend Jamie Overmeyers grandparents lived. Several of his songs wax nostalgically for his life in Nanuet, among them Terminal and Town Square.