Online Mp3 ConverterRM Cobol 8. RM COBOL Forum RMCOBOLIn reply to weinberger Dear Weinberger Attempting to reverse engineer the data layout of any COBOL file, whether it is in RM indexed format, RM binary sequential format as produced by recover. Micro Focus format is very, very tedious work. Since you are not a programmer, I will not bore you with the details of why this is so unless you really wish to know. So some basic questions and facts Do you have the source code for the programs  If so, your work will be much, much easier. If this application was developed in house then probably somewhere the source code is stored. It would be normal, but not necessary, for RMCOBOL source code to have file names with the extension. CBL.   COBOL source code uses very English like words. Key words to be looking for would be IDENTIFICATION DIVISION, DATA DIVISION FILE CONTROL FILE SECTION. So, as a first order question to answer Do you have the source code for the application  It is definitely worth spending some time to try to find it. If the answer to this question is yes, then the easiest approach would be to use Relativity. Relativity is a SQL engine for RMCOBOL and Micro Focus data files. In my judgment which may be a bit biased, the cost of licensing and using Relativity is far less than writing COBOL programs to extract data. I disagree with a previous comment claiming it is quite expensive, assuming you need only a single user version of Relativity. But, if you dont have the source code for the application, is the application one that was purchased from a software vendor  Is the software vendor still in business  If so, can you get the relevant file descriptions from that vendor  Or does the vendor already offer a Relativity based solution If the answer to all of these questions is no no source, in house developed program, then frankly rather than reverse engineer the data files, I would suggest extracting data from printed reports. Borland C Builder 6 Portable Software. This is a bit crude, but in terms of expense it will be less costly and easier to maintain than attempting to reverse engineer the data layouts, which will require you or your programmer to decipher numbers that are stored using internal formats i. This would be days perhaps weeks if the data of interest really is stored in multiple files  of work for an experienced programmer. Tom Morrison. Hill Country Software. Convert mainframe Cobol copybook files to formats suitable for uploading into PC databases. TextPipe is an easytouse tool to convert large mainframe files to PC. PHP Software Architecture Projects for 30 100. Ive a Indexed Data File of an old Cobol application, and I need to convert this file to any modern format, such. The first page of the Import COBOL file wizard, titled Import COBOL Files, allows you to specify the COBOL files that contain the data structures that you want to. Download Convert Cobol Data Files at Convert Informer DSD Direct, Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter, Convert Multiple PS Files To PDF Files Software. GUID-D612B8D2-1BCD-478D-8F8F-B1C0E1847B5D-display.jpg' alt='Tude8 Files' title='Tude8 Files' />enspenspHello everyone, I cant find the way to read COBOL data files in QlikView. I know there is a connector and drivers, but I don know how to use this.